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Top 10 Items for Fall

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


SWEATER : Target -M, TTS multiple colors // JEANS : Free People - 28 // BOOTS : Target //

So excited to share tonight with you guys the most loved stuff from this Fall! First- my outfit from today was so comfy! This sweater has the cutest flare sleeves and is super, super soft! Paired with these boots- also super comfy- I walked around the SouthPark Mall in these and my feet didn't hurt one bit! They're amazing. 

This skirt is super adorable. Comes in multiple prints and patterns- I've seen it paired with bodysuits and sweaters! Both equally as cute, plus, it's prime!


Y'all died over this bag! It's such a good dupe. I love mine and carry it weekly- it's holding up really well, especially for the price!

This cozy sweater is 30% off today- comes in multiple colors too!

I die- I bought these in all 3 colors. They're so affordable and worth every penny. Not too big of a heel and still super comfy!

Love the large knit details on this sweater- super cute for Fall and Winter!

I've been wanting to take a picture in this so bad- it hasn't quite been cool enough yet though! I wore it out to dinner one night (too dark to snap a pic) but I am seriously in love!


If I had to pick a pair of jeans to wear the rest of my life- it would probably be these! I have them in 3 colors and they're so so cute. I don't know what it is about the busted knee look but I love it!

I throw this on all the time to run errands! Comes in several colors!


These are so so comfy! I wore them all day traveling and they didn't hurt my feet once. Such a great steal for some Gucci dupes!


Love this sweater- so unique and cute! Comes in a ton of colors!