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What to Get Your : Fiance, Husband, Boyfriend, Guy Friend Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Have y'all done ANY Christmas shopping yet? I think I have bought maybe 1-2 gifts and that's it! Lol I need to catch up and fast. Some of these are things I purchased for Caleb last year that he loved. I feel like guys are ALWAYS the hardest to buy for! Anyone else? Hopefully these will land you some gifts to mark off your list or spark some imagination for another gift!

1. Trinket Storage

I got Caleb the brown one last year and he loves it! Before we lived together he had this little cardboard box that he would put everything from his pockets in after being gone all day and it drove me nuts LOL! I randomly found this strolling through Belk and saw this and I was like ahh PERFECT! If your man is also someone who has a ton of watches- this other box is perfect to organize them too- Caleb has a ton so this may be on my list for him this year. . .

2. Liquor Dispenser 

I think this is such a fun, unique gift! I've never really seen anything like it!

3. Watches

I've given Caleb several watches over the years and these are amazing pieces! They're affordable but still super nice!

4. A nice Pullover or Jacket

Guys are horrible at buying clothes for themselves- so dress your man for the Winter months lol! Caleb can pick out things that he likes/wants but he rarely will buy himself clothes- so I usually get him something like this for Winter.

5. Slippers

Love the hard bottom on these- Caleb has some and loves them!

6. Airpods & Accessories

7. Pomade

This stuff smells amazing and works great if your man has slicked back hair or a style that uses pomade!

8. Laptop Accessories

Privacy screen for when you're working in public or at school- also this laptop case is amazing- tons a colors!

9. Survival Kit for the Outdoorsy

10. Cord Organizer - For the Traveler 

Caleb got these a few weeks ago and I love them! They're different- but not too different- and they'll keep his feet warm! haha