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Top 10 Items of 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019


SWEATER : Forever 21- size Medium, TTS // JEANS: Free People - 28 // BOOTIES : Forever 21 // BAG : Speedy Dupe //

Wow! So many great items/trends from 2019! I went through and found the most loved items from this passed year- some were very close ties- but I tried to do ones that were still in stock so that y'all could find them if you had missed out!

1. Tory Burch Millers

Such a timeless sandal! I have several pairs and they are my go to's in the Spring & Summer. They come in so many different colors (one for each outfits- am I right ladies!?). Seriously the best sandals ever- I have worn my Vachetta ones (pictured) almost out completely! Lol

2. Amazon Speedy LV Dupe


Everyone went crazy over this dupe bag! It's currently out of stock- but does come back periodically so be sure to check back! It's held up SO SO WELL and seriously is almost exactly like the real thing!

3. Leopard Pullover

This cozy sweatshirt is still in stock and I wear it all the time! It's super soft inside and it's pink and leopard so you know- duh I had to have it! Under $20!

4. White Lace Amazon Dress

I wore this cute lace dress for my birthday bring last year and it was such a hit! A lot of people got it and wore it for Easter! It's such a cute, fun Spring dress. It does run really small though so be sure to size up!

5. Target Boots

Can't even say enough good things about these boots! They are BOMB- I have them in all 3 colors and I have worn them nonstop this Fall and Winter! Such a good dupe for the Goodnight Macaroon boots and for 1/4 of the price!

6. Gucci Earrings

These cute pearl earrings are great designer dupes for the Gucci ones- so so adorable! I wear mine all the time!

The BEST amazon suit from this summer! I lived in this one and I will probably end up getting more colors for a trip coming up- its super comfy and so stinkin' cute!

8. Spanx & Spanx Dupes

Very little difference between the Spanx and Aerie dupes- I will say that the Aerie ones are as tight and as form fitting as the Spanx!

9. Busted Knee Jeans

The jeans of the year! I own these in 3 colors and wear them year round- there are so many
 ways to style them and I just love the busted knee details!

10. Chips and Salsa Sweatshirt 

Anytime I wear this Wildfox Sweatshirt I always get asked wear it's from! It's been sold out for years but I have linked the exact Etsy dupe that everyone goes crazy over- looks almost exactly the same for like 1/8 of the price lol!