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How to Revamp Dirty Hair

Thursday, January 16, 2020


TOP : Free People- sold out- similar here and here  // JEANS : American Eagle // SHOES : Gucci // BAG : LV Croisette // SUNGLASSES : Ray Ban Oversized Aviators // STACK : Emrish and Lily and Laura bracelets // 

I have worn this tee soooo many times the past Spring and Summer- it's one of my faves and while it's sold out, I linked some almost identical ones for you all! I love wearing white for Spring and Summer- especially paired with jeans!
These jeans are super cute- I've been wearing them nonstop too- and until I finally accidentally put my foot ALL THE WAY through the holes- I'll continue to wear them lol!! They have a button fly too which is super cute!


A lot of the "revamping" I have to do comes from working out- lol! Sometimes it's salvageable and other times I'm like yea, okay, I've got to wash this out. Hopefully this will help you extend out your washes, if you can. It is seriously life changing for your hair. 

First things first- one of the BIGGEST helps when it comes to keeping curl in your hair or making sure it doesn't get super tangly are pillow cases. I have some I got off amazon- $10 for 2- they're satin or you can buy silk ones, either way it will help you from getting knots and making your hair frizzy! Most of the time I also sleep in a loose braid or bun in order to save my curls!

Next, go in with your dry shampoo- I'll link my favorite here. Hit any greasy parts underneath or on the tops or sides of your hair. Spray about 8-10 inches away and rub if you see a white tint. It will blend it in and also add a little bit of volume!

Then I will use the volume blast spray and crank up the volume- even if you don't like  A TON of volume in your hair, I highly recommend this if your hair becomes flat after a day or so and lays straight on your head (like mine). A little goes a long way with this too keep in mind!

My favorite heat protectant/style spray is this one by IGK- smells amazing and works great to hold in your curls! Then I will just go in and touch up curls where I need too! I use a 1" barrel - I'm going to try and do a waves tutorial soon, too!