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My Microneedling with PRP aka "Vampire Facial" Experience

Thursday, January 30, 2020


SWEATER: Pink Lily- wearing a small // JEANS : American Eagle, wearing an 8 short // BOOTS : Forever 21 // 

 So first we drew my blood and separated it in a centrifuge while I numb. The PRP (platelet rich plasma) will help rejuvenate and promote collagen production in my skin. It's kinda cool how your own body can help kind of "refresh" your skin!

Wendy then took the Skin Pen- which is a bunch of tiny needles that go up and down- with no snagging! Since I was numb, it just kinda felt like vibrations. She goes over several passes all over my face in different sections. After some of the passes it starts to feel sensitive but not horrible at all. I have had morpheus done on my stretch marks and this was nothing compared to that! We even went over parts of my face that weren't numb and it just stung a little- not bad at all. After a few passes on each section, the PRP is spread across the area so that it can soak into the skin! 

Right after it kind of feels like a bad sunburn- not necessarily the same pain but the heat from the sunburn. Since you've basically penetrated through the first layer of skin so your skin is just bare and very sensitive. After a few hours it settles and the heat kind of goes away. I think a lot of that is from the stuff she gave me to put on my face, it cools it down!

So overall it was amazing and I would definitely do it again. My face is so smooth and tight. A few days after you'll peel a little bit as your skin heals but afterwards your face will feel AMAZING! This treatment is targeted toward those with uneven skin texture, acne scaring, wrinkles, etc! Although depending on the severity of your problem and since everyone's skin is different, you may have to do a few treatments to get the finished product!


Does it hurt?

No! Wendy numbed me so all I could really feel was the vibrations. Afterwards your skin is a little raw but the ointment helps!

How much was it?

The price ranges depending on your skin and how many treatments you need to have done but it starts at $300!

How long before you can wear makeup?

After 24 hours, when your skins channels are completely closed, you are free to do anything to your face! Lotions, makeup, whatever!

Do you peel?

Yes! Your skin is rebooting itself. I honestly didn't peel that bad, just in a few tiny spots!