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Your Guide to Valentine's Day Outfit Inspo

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


DRESS : Asos- wearing a 6 // HEELS : Steve Madden // BAG : LV double zip in rouge // NECKLACE : Siss Kiss //

Can you believe it's almost February? It feels like I blinked and January was gone! Lol. EEEEKKKK! I finally got my "mom car" today and I am obsessed. I've always loved big cars and my little one just wasn't doing it anymore- it was getting so hard to get in and out of with Liam and poor Caleb is so tall he barely fit- lol! 

Anyways, let's talk Valentine's Day!! What are your plans?! I love that nowadays it feels more "normal" to still celebrate even if you are single- Galentine's parties are way better than some of the V Day dates I've been on- lol! Caleb and I finally found someone we can trust to watch Liam ( lol thanks Chelsea) so we are going to go do something- I'm assuming- Caleb this is your subtle hint LOL.

So my closet is ALREADY mainly pink and red- so my Valentine's Day outfit choices are ALOT. lol I picked out a few more that I love- I mean it's fun to play dress up right?- so I am so excited to share them with you!

Up first is this cute, heart wrap dress! Super fun and flirty- for a date or a Galentine's party. I am wearing a 6 here and it fits really well- the wrap can be adjusted on the inside (there's a tie) and it zips up on the back and then has a cute little waist tie in the front! I paired mine with my favorite heels- seriously guys, the low heel on these makes them SUPER comfy!

I also picked out some cute tees- if you don't feel like dressing up- trust me if it was acceptable to go out to dinner in leggings and a tee I would- well honestly Caleb probably wouldn't care either way but at least that way he wouldn't have to dress up either lol!