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How To Store Your Winter Clothes

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


SWEATER: Oneil - wearing a medium // TANK : Abercrombie- wearing M // JEANS: American Eagle- wearing a 6 // BAG: Louis Vuitton Noe GM // 

In the spirit of Spring cleaning. . . Today I am going to share with you how I store my clothes for Spring/Summer! Sweaters are so hard to organize to me- they take up SO MUCH ROOM. Folded, hanging, however you do it- they're taking up valuable closet space! Lol. So I have 4 tips that will help keep your closet neat and tidy- without the bulky sweaters and winter accessories you won't even be wearings for another 6 months! My other biggest tip is to just go through and get rid of whatever you're done with as well because there's no sense in keeping it now!


These Amazon bags are a LIFESAVER! I folded all my sweaters and sweater dresses that I couldn't possibly need until next year and stuffed them in these huge bags- I like the big flatter ones because I just slide them in the back of my closet or under my bed. Now they look huge at first, but once you suck all the air out, they are ALOT smaller. 


If you had room, I guess you could do the same with your coats and jackets- however I like to store mine in the hall closet- just in case I need to grab one for the ever-changing weather. I have some there and the others are in the very back of my closet- waiting til next season to be brought back out! 

after & before


For my Winter shoes- I have a SUPER high rack in the top of my closet- I store nice boxes and other things I don't use often up there but also my boots and booties! In the opposite season I had all my sandals and wedges up there so I just switch them all out season to season. It helps you from having to sift through all your boots when it's 90 degrees out and there's no chance you'll be wearing them. 


For all my hats/ gloves/scarves/etc- I bought a long thin bin from Walmart and stuffed them all in. This one is really short but it fits perfectly under my bed or in the bottom of a closet! 

I hope that helps you all clear out some space in your closet for those new Spring arrivals! Now bring on the sunshine!