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Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

Monday, February 10, 2020


TOP: Forever 21- size medium // JEANS : Paige // BOOTS : Hunter // NECKLACE : Amazon // 

Sprucing up my rainy OOTD with a little pink! I only have pink rain boots so I had to wear them! Lol The boots wear a splurge form last Spring but they are 100% worth it!! I wear them pretty much every time it rains and if they scuff or anything, they're super easy to clean.

Tonight I just wanted to share with you all my top 5 recent beauty favorites!

I've had this for FOREVER and I will never ever ever ever stop using it! The best cure for under eye circles. You can literally feel it tighten! I personally also think that it helps keep your concealer from creasing under your eyes too. It's also color correcting so  it will help mask dark circles too! 

THE BEST LASHES. Super long and wispy- and will make you look like you have lash extensions, for literally 1.10th of the price. I SWEAR by these! If you need to see how to put them on: here's my tutorial :

When I went to Nashville a few weekends ago, Not Your Mother's sent us some cute goodie bags and this was in it!! I am obsessed, because A) it smells like the beach and B) the texturizing builds volume in your hair- which is great for reviving you hair so it's not flat to your head!

My most recent TJ Maxx find and it is AMAZE! I use it to touch up my legs and face when my tans start to fade before I get a new one!

If you suffer from puffy eyes and face in the AM like me, this will change your life! Keep it in the freezer and roll all over your face in the morning! It will make you de-puff and also help promote collagen production!