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Starbucks: What I Order & $$$ Saving Tips

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


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Some of you may know, but I am OBSESSED with Starbucks. I usually go there almost everyday- it's bad, I know. I usually post them on my snapchat and so many people ask me what I get so I thought I would make a post about it! I've gone so many years, so frequently that I have picked up some very helpful tricks and unique drinks that are my go-to orders!


#1. Iced Caramel Macchiato with 1/2 Raspberry
     I'm 100% positive I am not the creator of this drink. One of my friends actually showed it to me when they still used the colored raspberry syrup (it looked way cooler back then) but it was waaaay to sweet with the vanilla and the raspberry syrup, so I usually opt for them to just do half and half. Ask for an Iced Caramel Macchiato with half vanilla half raspberry. (sometimes I add whip too)

#2. Iced Latte with 3 or 4 pumps of White Mocha (depending on the size)
I started getting this pretty recently but it has been one of my favorites lately. I love the taste of the White Mocha but I think the amount of syrup in it is way too much. It gives the drink a weird consistency and you can't taste the coffee. So if you like the White Mocha, but still want to taste your coffee, you can customize it with the amount of syrup! Plus its a little cheaper when you order it this way ;).  I ask for an Iced Latte with (2 pumps for tall, 3 pumps for grande, and 4 pumps for venti) of white mocha.                                                                                                       
#3. Pink Drink
Obviously not the creator of this one either! I tried it back before it was an actual menu item and I fell in love! If you want a break from coffee but still want some caffeine, this one is great! It's really light and tastes like the beach {in my opinion}.

#4. Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino 
Starbucks raspberry syrup is my favorite!! Order a cafe vanilla frappuccino with half vanilla half raspberry syrup.  

#5. Cafe Vanilla Frappucino Painted with Caramel Drizzle
This one is really just for looks as well. A lot of people I know didn't know that you could get the vanilla bean frappucino with coffee in it. You just order it as Cafe Vanilla instead of the vanilla bean. I always ask them to "paint my cup" {one of my friends works at Starbucks and they call it that} with the caramel drizzle and it just makes a cool design on your cup! 

#6. Iced or Hot Chai Tea Latte
I  absolutely love the chai tea! If you have never had it, you have to go try it! It tastes like Christmas in a cup. Also- if you have a sore throat, drinking this hot makes it feel SO much better. 

#7. Iced Coffee with caramel and room for cream
Light and perfect for summer! (But who am I kidding I get iced coffee sometimes even if it's snowing 😂) I ask for iced coffee with caramel and leave room for cream!


#1. Definitely sign up for the Starbucks rewards program. It's super easy and free- plus they give you a free drink for signing up! You can earn points which eventually get you free drinks as well! They also do promos (BOGOs, 1/2 off, & happy hours) every now and then, but you will only get the invite if you are a rewards member!

#2. Download the Starbucks app! You also get exclusive deals/happy hours when using the app! I also like to order ahead so I can just run in and grab my drink (especially if they're busy). It shows you a wait time and you can locate stores closest to you!

#3. If you are a fan of specialty drinks (i.e. White Mochas, Iced Mochas, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, etc.), you can order them as a latte(hot or iced) or iced coffee and ask for the pumps of whichever flavor you desire. If you get iced coffee, you have to add your own milk at the bar or you can ask your barista to do it for you. This is also a good way to save on calories/sweetness as well as a couple bucks! I find that some of these drinks are overpowering with the syrups so I like to tone it down a bit so I can taste my coffee. 😉

#4. Me and my blonde self did not even realize that you can get espresso decaf.....but you totally can! Which is literally life-changing with being pregnant. I gave up Starbucks for the first 4 months of pregnancy except for once or twice on my way to work when I was a literal walking zombie. Aaaaaaand then I figured out you can get any of my favorite drinks decaf! 

XOXO, Olivia