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Casual Rust + Leopard Fall OOTD + LIFE UPDATE

Monday, September 16, 2019

rust colored tank top from Forever 21 with cardigan

sole society leopard printed mules pravar


 TANK : Forever 21 - wearing a M // CARDI : Shop the Mint - wearing a S/M // JEANS : Express -wearing a 6 // SHOES : Sole Society - Leopard wearing a 7 // 

This post is mainly for our family and friends (and anyone else interested in our lives or medicine lol). I was in our hometown this past weekend and I had a couple people ask me about Caleb and med school, etc so I thought I'd just give a little update!

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our last life udpate here!

Caleb just got his MCAT score back a few weeks ago and submitted applications to several Medical schools. Quillen in Johnson City, TN , Lake Eerie in Bradenton, FL, LMU in Knoxville, TN, and several others! He submitted secondaries to all schools he applied to- he got secondaries from all the schools too! So we are patiently awaiting the next steps which is interviews!

Here in Knoxville, he is finishing his Master's at LMU and will graduate in May! We are super excited and everything is basically just a waiting game at this point. He should hear back about interviews in 1-2 weeks so hopefully we'll hear back soon.

SWIMMIE : Vineyard Vines for Target

OUTFIT : Smocking Place // SHOES : Sun Sans

As for Liam. . . he is FINALLY starting to walk and has recently found his tongue again lol- he just giggles and sticks it out and it is hilarious! He is 15 months old and is W I L D- but cute haha.

As for me, although I graduated with a pre-med degree I will not be going back to school! I have taken my blogging venture full time (and being a mom of course) and those are the 2 things I love the most. I am SO GRATEFUL to be able to work from home and take care of Liam. Therefore I am extremely thankful for each and everyone of you that continue to support me, whether that is by reading my blog, liking my posts, or shopping through my links- please no I appreciate it so much!