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The Perfect Fall Look - Fall Staples Outfit

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


TANK: Abercrombie - wearing a medium, size up for chest size  // CARDIGAN : Amazon- TTS wearing a medium // JEANS : Prosperity Denim - 28 TTS // SHOES : Walmart - sooo comfy- under $20! //

This tank is a MUST HAVE! I wear it all the time- literally weekly! It's so good for layering and you can wear it in any season. It's on sale right now to and comes in multiple colors/patters. They bring it back every year because its THAT popular! It fits really well- just size up if you have a bigger chest!

My cardigan is a dupe for the super popular Madewell one from last year- so soft and comfy- and $30 too- comes in another cute color pattern as well. I love these longer length cardigans- perfect to pair with leggings. 

Okay- I have wanted these jeans for SO LONG and I finally gave in and got them and I HAVE 0 REGRETS! They are the best jeans ever- so stinkin' cute with the tie and they are stretchy material! I will most likely be wearing these NON STOP!

Picked up these super cute open toe booties today from none other than WALMART! They have a super comfy memory foam bottom and they were only $20!! So cute and you would not think they are from Walmart at all! 

YAyyyyy! It's almost Fall guys! We just need those temps to drop a little! Hope everyone is having a great week!