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My Favorite Bloggers

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A lot of people have asked me about some of my favorite blogs to follow! I've posted my favorites and their instagrams (linked through their names) and their blogs (linke through their blog names) ! Hope y'all enjoy! Comment some of your favorites for me to follow!!

Emily Ann Gemma- The Sweetest Thing
Emily is my all time favorite blogger! I've followed her for a couple years now and she always posts the best stuff! Not to mention her absolutely adorable son, Luke! I loved her blog even more after I found out her husband was in medical school! Caleb is applying to PA school and her blog had a lot of posts about what her and John went through with medical school, what to expect, etc. But she also posted the cutest outfits and traveled a lot- which appealed to me too!

Caitlin Covington- Southern Curls and Pearls

I'm pretty sure Caitlin was the first blogger I ever followed! I found her through a Starbucks picture on Pinterest! She is absolutely adorable and wears the cutest stuff. She will occasionally share recipes on her blog, too- & they never disappoint! She gives me major travel envy too! She goes all kinds of places but frequents Charleston alot- like me! We always seem to miss each other by like a day. 😂

Madi Nelson- Hey Madi Nelson

She is the cutest mama ever!! Her little boy is such a chunk and I love it. She seems so sweet and has the cutest style! Her home stuff if super cute too!

Dani Austin

Okay Dani is literally the funniest, real girl out there! She's absolutely hilarious and has the best style too. She's always keeping it real and is always laughing. She really loves God and it shows through her social media! No matter how many mean, ugly comments she gets, she still will say she wants to pray that they will have a better day & I just think that is amazing.

Kelsie Bynum- Sassy Southern Blonde

Kelsie has the most unique style! She's always finding good deals and the cutest pieces. She is super sweet and has the cutest hair!!

Alexis Buck - Alexis Paige Blog

I have searched for forever for another local gal!!! Finally found one! :)  I just recently found her but she's super cute! She has a career in dental hygiene along with blogging- if that's not boss babe I don't know what is! She shops at Target a lot and finds a ton of great deals!