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Summer Handbags: Splurge or Save?

Friday, June 28, 2019


Tonight I'm going to share some of the most popular designer bags and their dupes, B U T they're not cheap amazon dupes- they're other nice brands that have put out a similar style- for half the price! Gucci, Chanel, YSL, all their dupes for under $500 and most under $100!

1. Chloe ($2k) VS Sole Society ($70)

These two satchels are pretty much the same- but honestly I adore the stitching on the Sole Society one! Both totes come in several different colors too!

2. Chanel Deauville ($3K+) VS I Love Jewelry Tote ($68)

Honestly one of the prettiest toes EVER. They make the Chanel ( and ILJ) in a pink and its just so gorgeous and the perfect bag for summer. The I Love Jewelry one I carried nonstop when I first got it. It fits everything you could need with you- including a laptop and it's really, really great quality. 

3.  YSL ($1.9K) VS Tory Burch ($500)

I love the quilted bag trend. It really is just a classic look, plus it can really dress up any outfit. The Tory Burch Kira is one of my favorites and will probably be the next bag I purchase. I honestly like it better than the YSL and I think thats just because of the quilt pattern and color options!

4. Chanel ($3K+) VS Michael Kors ($130)

This Chanel bag is such a classic. I recently stumbled upon this Michael Kors version- I think I saw it on a Facebook add haha- and its such a cute dupe for it. I love the pink- obvi and it doesn't have a blatant logo- just like this Chanel one!

5. Gucci Disco ($1190) VS Tory Burch ($248)

The only thing this Gucci bag has on the Tory is the tassel. . . other than that and the logos of course they're the same! I am not a HUGE fan of this style bag, but I do know it super popular so if you've been eyeing the Disco, this is a good dupe for you!

6. Gucci Marmont Camera ($900) VS Tory Burch Camera ($358)

Another great TB VS Gucci! Obviously the quilt patterns are a little different but similar styles and one is at a 1/3 of the price!

7. Chanel ($3K+) VS Target ($30)

Okay I saved the best for last because uh Target for the win! Plus it comes in pink too! Need I say more?