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Mini Vacation in Sarasota, Florida

Friday, October 4, 2019


DRESS : American Eagle - sold out - similar here & here // WEDGES : Steve Madden // SUNNIES : Ray Ban // BRACELET : Tory Burch // ON LIAM: Romper - Janie and Jack // Sandals : SunSans // ON CALEB : POLO : Vineyard Vines // SHORTS : Ralph Lauren //

We made it to Sarasota! Without missing any flights and on time- lol that's a miracle. Liam woke up at 4 AM- again so we were up and ready to go way beforehand. We had to wait a bit on the first flight once we boarded because there was something wrong with the plane and maintenance had to come look at it. . .If you watched my stories the other day then you know that I am not 100% okay with flying lol. No matter how many times I fly- the take off scares me so bad! So of course when they announced something was wrong I was like, oh please noooo. Haha.

Liam actually did pretty well! He got restless on the first flight because we sat there for so long waiting to take off but once we got up in the air he was fine and fell right asleep! Then when we made it to ATL and got on that flight he was hyped up and ready to go lol. Luckily he did pretty well until the end of the flight and he was just done! But we all made it here (with all our bags - PRAISE JESUS!) and we are ready to enjoy our mini vaycay!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fall break (it's Caleb's Fall break right now lol) and enjoy your weekend plans. Let me know if you have any recommendations for the Sarasota area!