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Comfy Airport Outfit & Charlotte Recap

Monday, November 4, 2019


SWEATER : Target (last year) similar here // LEGGINGS : Spanx - M, tts // SNEAKERS : Walmart // Passport case : TJ Maxx // 

Had so much fun in Charlotte this past weekend. I’ve honestly only been there to hangout 1 other time- the rest was usually just passing through on a trip! It’s actually a really pretty, fun city- wish we would’ve had more time to explore it. Next time for sure!

I can’t believe I’ve made it here and back ALONE with all our stuff! We did have a few kind strangers or flight attendants stop to help when we needed it- but other then that, it was a breeze! We had one huge suitcase, Liam (obviously), a car seat, stroller, my purse, and then a diaper bag! Those $5 luggage carts were WELL worth it on this trip! That’s what we used outside of security. Thankfully delta is AMAZING and they checked my suitcase and the car seat. So I just put one bag over each shoulder and tried to push Liam in the stroller as much as possible. If he wanted to be held I just held him and stacked the bags in the stroller. THIS STROLLER is the best travel stroller ever - or stroller for anywhere. It’s super compact! Once Liam was about 9 months old we started using it instead of his car seat stroller combo! I’ve had a lot of questions about it- even when we’re walking around because it folds up so small!

I would definitely travel alone with Liam again- it really wasn't bad at all! He did SO GOOD. Stay tuned for Liam and I's next adventure!

Liam's outfit is old Gymboree!

Sleepy boy passed out on the first flight!