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5 Steps to Curing Winter Skin

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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My skin always gets SUUPER dry in the winter- and I feel like I have to battle it every year. My worst spots were around my nose and lips and on my chin. I finally figured out a few things to help keep my skin from getting chapped and dry from the ever changing weather!


First you've got to drink a ton of water- this will honestly change your skin in it's entirety but also help keep it moisturized! Usually the recommendation is 1 oz of water per kg of weight. So I have to drink about 65 oz of water a day PLUS they also say to drink 8 oz of water per any other drink you have as well ( coffee, tea, soda). It will seriously CHANGE your skin- I promise!


The second thing is to talk to someone about your skin to figure out your needs- my skin is in between but will get oily if it needs to be more moisturized. Most people's skin compensates for needing moisture by producing oil- I know it seems backwards but my skin is so much less oily with a daily moisturizer! I have been using this Origins one and I love it- super moisturizing and it smells amazing! Another one of my all time faves is this one from Clinique


MASKS, MASKS, MASKS!!! I do them multiple times a week- usually a moisturizing one. They help rejuvenate and revive your skin and keep it looking fresh! I will either do them in the morning or at night- depending on my schedule, but it helps to keep my skin clear and bright! A few of my faves are below!


Reset your skin! I've never tried a retinol before- but I've always wanted to! I had the worst time with my skin just being the exact opposite when I was pregnant- everyone was like do a retinol but you can't when you're pregnant or breastfeeding. So now I finally got to try the Drunk elephant one and its AMAZING! It literally just resets your skin- it may be super dry for a few days so be sure to use a good moisturizer- but it really does help even out your skin. I don't personally have bad acne or acne scarring but I heard it's really supposed to help with that too! 


Sunscreen!! Or at least make sure your foundation or moisturizer has SPF in it! Even in the winter you can get sun exposure and it will just suck the life out of your skin- I actually got my nose burnt the other day from being outside!! I don't even think about things like that when it's cooler out but it can definitely be a factor!